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China Educational Equipment Industry Association

1. Brief introduction
Founded in 1986, China Educational Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) is a national and industrial non-profit social organization formed by voluntary personnel from corporations and institutions that engage in the production, operation, management, and research within the educational equipment industry.
The association, with the motto of "servicing education, servicing industry, and servicing membership”, functions as bridge between industrial management department and membership, as guidance for industrial management, and as guard who looks after the legal right, interest and public affairs of its membership. The association abides by the constitution, laws, regulations, and national policies, stands by the moral code in society, and consciously strengthens the development of integrity and self-discipline.

2. Business Scope
(1). Investigate the industry economic development; research the economic and social issues on industry development, reform and interest; put forward the suggestion and advice about economic policies and lawmaking; attend hearings affecting industry interest organized by government;
(2). Collect, analyze and issue national and international industry information; edit and publish publications of the Association; build Association website; promote the exchange of information; do technology consulting;
(3). Organize national and international exhibition, trade fair and relevant lecture and seminar entrusted by the government or on the basis of market and industry development;
(4). Take part in making recommended industrial standards, service standards and quality specification in this industry; take part in making the national and international standards of this industry; carry out industry qualification management, quality management and supervision with the agreement of relevant government departments, organize the appraisal and promotion of products and scientific and technical achievements;
(5). Organize the training of talented people, technology, career, management, law and regulation, etc; instruct and assist enterprises to improve operating and management;
(6). Make and supervise the execution of industry rules, normalize industry behaviors; adopt measurements punishing such as warning, criticism in industry, criticism of circulation, membership cancel for the following illegal act: break through the association regulations and industry restricts, produce and sell counterfeit and shoddy products, damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, engage in illicit competition, cheat and other illegal acts; suggestion of  relevant administrative and judicial departments to investigate illegal act for non-membership unit on the basis of laws might be used;
(7). Respond the membership requirements, coordinate relations between members and members and other parties, maintain legal interest of membership; coordinate price disputes in the industry, maintain fair completion and keep market order, organize the construction of product market;
(8). Carry out the national and international economic and technological communication and cooperation, link with the international industry organizations in the same industry and take part in the activities;
(9). Enhance the international competitiveness of the whole industry, open up international market, coordinate foreign trade dispute, handle with Certificate of Origin entrusted by the government and related departments;
(10). Represent the enterprises to investigate anti-dump, anti-monopoly, anti-subsidy and so on, or submit investigation application to the government; represent enterprises for the anti-dumping defenses;
(11). Develop industries and social public good;
(12). Under the authorization by the law and regulation, and  entrusted by governmental department, take part in the making of the industry development project; do industry statistics, public confidence confirmation, audit of industry admission qualification and career qualification, project demonstration of verification of major technical reform and other items in the industry.