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IEE Shanghai 2018

Founded in 1986, The China Educational Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) is a national and industrial non-profit organization formed by voluntary personnel from corporations and institutions that engage in the production, operation, management and research within the educational equipment industry. It has over 3500 members, and organizes the largest professional biannual exhibition in the world: the "China Educational Equipment Exhibition" (CEEE) with each occurrence covering almost 200,000 sqm and welcoming 180,000 education technology professionals and at times to around 1500 exhibitors. As such the CEEIA nurtures an eco-system for actors with stakes in improving technologies in education.

In order to introduce such cutting-edge technologies and solutions from around the globe, to broaden and focus our members' internationalization strategies, as well as to improve product and service quality, the CEEIA has also been holding “The International Equipment (Shanghai)Expo” (IEE) since 2016. The IEE, anchored in Shanghai, with a reach across China, is aiming at building itself into the go-to international platform for educators, education technology entrepreneurs and (science & technology) education officials.

The IEE gives a stage to the latest education technology solutions, offers access to product recommendations and trends, as well as promotes cooperation and communication for education professionals. The CEEIA and its IEE function as a significant networking hub for schools, institutions, governmental management and procurement departments, international and domestic dealers, agents, wholesalers and distributors. The CEEIA’s output plays an important role in promoting to and informing of the professionals on education modernization and internationalization.

IEE Shanghai is an annually reoccurring event.

The upcoming IEE 2018 will be held during September 26-28, 2018 at the Shanghai World Expo. There will be over 400 exhibitors displaying the latest products and smart education solutions, solutions for STEM education, laboratory, art & sport apparatuses, etc.

During the IEE 2018 Conference, the CEEIA will host the "International Education Equipment Forum", the "World Smart Education Summit," and the "Management and Application Efficiency Improvement Seminar" and many other activities.

Since the IEE has received remarkable recognition from the past exhibitors and visitors, it has been established as a fixed brand and an annually reoccurring expo. With certainty from this year onward, every September in Shanghai, the CEEIA will bring you the IEE activities.

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