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76th China Educational Equipment Exhibition Is Opened in Chongqing

On April 26,2019, the 76th China educational equipment exhibition, organized by China Educational Equipment Industry Association, opened in chongqing liangjiang new area national education center. More than 1,450 enterprises participated in the exhibition, exhibiting more than 25,000 pieces of exhibits.

According to Guoming Xia, secretary general of China Educational Equipment Industry Association, the exhibition included a number of China's top 500 enterprises, 73 listed companies and 130 state-level high-tech enterprises. More than 25,000 exhibits were showcased at the conference, among which 40% were educational information products, covering software, intelligence, education cloud and Internet of things, and there was no lack of educational equipment with the world's top technology level.

The exhibition also held a series of activities, including the seventh national summit of famous teachers and principals, the 2019 China preschool education summit, the second urban education equipment innovation forum, the school sports facilities forum, the second "new tongxing cup" national student clothing design competition finals and award ceremony.  

It is reported that it is the largest number of booths, the largest number of participating enterprises and the largest range of products to be displayed in the previous exhibition. "The exhibition has used 14 pavilions plus the central hall, making it the largest exhibition of the year.Chongqing international expo center co., LTD. General manager Xueli Song said that because of the education information products, the network has been upgraded to protect the overall needs of the exhibition hall network.

It is known that China Educational Equipment Exhibition has been successfully held for 75 sessions since it was held in 1980. It is known as the "vane" of the education equipment market and is the largest, most influential and professional brand exhibition in China and even the world education equipment industry.