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The Roundtable on The Frontiers of Science and Strategy Focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Education for the Future

On April 14, the science and technology committee of the Ministry of Education held a roundtable on "artificial intelligence and future education" in Beijing to analyze and evaluate the development of artificial intelligence and its impact on future education.Du zhan yuan, member of the party group and vice minister of the Ministry of Education, attended the meeting and made a speech.

Du zhanyuan pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China's education informatization has made a breakthrough. All the indicators marked by "three links and two platforms" have generally doubled, and the application of informatization has been widely popularized and its application level has been greatly improved, which has achieved unexpected results. Artificial intelligence technology is the focus of competition in the world today. It is not only the extension of the industrial revolution, but also the starting point of a new revolution.In promoting the development of artificial intelligence, we should pay attention to the construction of subject groups, take into account the relationship between professional application and integrated application, general application and personalized application, and strengthen the research of intelligent security.

Du zhan yuan stressed that the development of artificial intelligence technology will have an important and profound impact on modern education, the first is the impact on the teacher's career, the second is the impact on the way of learning, the education model, and the third is the impact on students' learning ability.The Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the work of artificial intelligence technology and research on its impact on education. The recently released action plan for artificial intelligence innovation in colleges and universities will guide colleges and universities to continuously improve the scientific and technological innovation, talent training and ability to serve the needs of the nation in the field of artificial intelligence, and provide strategic support for the development of artificial intelligence in China.

Academician pan yunhe, former executive vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and academician zhao qinping, director of the science and technology commission of the Ministry of Education made special reports.Senior experts in the field of strategic planning, artificial intelligence and education, members of the science and technology commission of the Ministry of Education, leaders of relevant departments and institutions directly under the Ministry of Education, and leaders of the strategic research base of the science and technology commission of the Ministry of Education attended the meeting.