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BATW Deepened the Layout In the Field of Education.

Compared with 2018, the capital environment in 2019 is even more sluggish. Many enterprises, including giants such as Alibaba, Baidu and, are constantly laying off employees. At the same time, many companies are cutting costs and going on a "diet."

The more under such intense rhythm, the enterprises are more careful about its own action. But it was in such a prudent state that BATM et al  started the further layout of the education field.

It is noteworthy that Tencent education brand was officially launched last month. According to the introduction, the integrated tencent education will provide connection, management, system and other services for schools, education management departments and educational institutions. Tang daosheng, senior executive vice President of Tencent and President of CSIG, said Tencent education would use connection, content and social responsibility to help the education industry in the future.

Secondly, in February this year, Neteasee CEO Ding Lei said that online education would be a very important business for Neteasee in 2019, which is of great significance.

Then in March, the original product system of Neteasee education business division, such as Neteasee cloud classroom, MOOC of Chinese university and other products were merged into the product system of Neteasee Youdao , so all education products under Neteasee were unified and integrated. It is reported that the product matrix of Neteasee and Youdao  currently lives 22 million yuan per day. Zhou feng, CEO of Neteasee and Youdao , said that Neteasee and Youdao  will focus on K12 in 2019, continue to invest in content and attach importance to services.

In addition, baidu held the education partner conference in February this year, and officially released four products of "AI+ education" : Baidu education smart classroom solution, artificial intelligence education solution, VR education product and talent training cooperation program for universities.

According to the meeting, Baidu's education has more than 10 million members, products covering 32 provinces of the whole country, which is "China's largest education SaaS + PaaS services platform". High education division general manager zhang said that Baidu's future will be further use of artificial intelligence, big data, education cloud technology for every user with personalized learning plan and resources.