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Preschool Education Development Provides More Business Chances

According to the consistent arrangement of the State Council, since 2011, party committees and governments at all levels have attached great importance to preschool education, classified it as a serious livelihood project and a targeted poverty alleviation project, and adopted active and useful measures in terms of investment guarantee, team building, standard handling and resource expansion.


By 2018, more than 20 billion yuan had been invested in the construction, renovation and expansion of 15,000 kindergartens, the addition of more than 1.5 million new degrees, and 3.01 million children in kindergartens.


The gross enrollment rate of preschool education reached 85 percent, while that of other kindergartens was 74.57 percent. A public service system for preschool education has been established, and the quality of child care has improved significantly. By 2020, the gross enrollment rate of preschool education in the whole province will reach 90 percent and that of other kindergartens will reach 80 percent.