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The National Textbook Committee and the Ministry of Education have issued national textbook construction plans and four textbook management methods

    In order to implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party,to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference,to effectively strengthen the party's overall leadership of teaching materials,and to improve the scientific and standardized level of textbook construction,the National Textbook Committee recently issued National College and Primary and Secondary School Textbook Construction Plan(2019-2022)(hereinafter referred to as"Planning"),the Ministry of Education issued"Primary and Secondary School Textbook Management Measures""Vocational School Textbook Management Measures""Ordinary Higher School Textbook Management Measures""School Selection of Management Methods for Overseas Teaching Materials"(hereinafter referred to as"Four Teaching Material Management Methods").

    "Planning"comprehensively summarizes the achievements made in the construction of textbooks in college and elementary schools across the country since the reform and opening up,propose the guiding instructions,basic principles,construction goals,key tasks and safeguard measures especially since the 18th National Congress.

    "Planning"is guided by Marxism,firmly grasps the political direction,and carries through Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,especially the important discussion on the construction of textbooks,and it is reflected in all links in the construction of textbooks."Planning"proposed that by 2022,the construction of teaching materials will be comprehensively strengthened,the management system of teaching materials will be basically sound,the system will be basically complete,and the quality will be significantly improved.It will be more adapted to the development requirements of socialism with Chinese characteristics,and international vision,and the education function will be significantly enhanced.A new situation in the construction of teaching materials will be created.Five key tasks were proposed around the goal of textbook construction.The first and second items are comprehensive tasks involving all schools and disciplines.The first is to strengthen the construction of institutional mechanisms,emphasizing unified leadership,hierarchical responsibility,and solving the problems of the lack of specialized institutions for textbook construction,unclear management responsibilities,and imperfect systems.The second is to implement the new requirements of the new era,strengthen system design,comprehensively promote Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the course textbooks,and establish the“soul”of textbook construction.The third,fourth,and fifth tasks focus on the construction of basic education,vocational education,and higher education textbooks.The basic education textbooks focus on enhancing the function of educating people,laying a good foundation for students in China,and planting red genes;vocational education textbooks focus on embodying“New"and"real"to enhance the ability to serve the country's industrial development;higher education textbooks focus on academic theoretical innovation,to create excellent textbooks that highlight Chinese characteristics.

    In order to implement the key tasks and form an full-cycle guarantee for people,property,and materials,the"Planning"proposes five main measures.The first is to build a high-quality professional teaching material construction team,with the emphasis on building a strong team of specialized personnel,and attracting excellent experts to participate in the construction of teaching materials.The second is to build a high-level specialized curriculum textbook research platform,with the focus on building a textbook research base and improving the research results exchange mechanism.The third is to integrate and optimize supporting resources to compile textbooks and provide basic materials for textbook compilation.The fourth is to implement full-cycle training to help teachers make good use of the teaching materials.The fifth is to guarantee the expense level of teaching materials construction.

    Four textbook management methods focus on solving the problems of who will manage,what and how to manage all kinds of teaching materials at all levels.The first is to clarify the responsibilities of the management subject and insist on"who writes who responsible"and"who chooses who responsible".The second is the comprehensive coverage of the science section,covering all sections of primary and secondary schools,covering general education and vocational education,including the use of overseas teaching materials by schools,and covering planning,editing,review,use,and supervision.The third is to adhere to"mandatory review"and"combination of management and construction".The construction of teaching materials is included in the scope of educational supervision,strengthening the incentive guarantee,stimulating the vitality of construction,and effectively improving the quality of teaching materials.

    Four textbook management methods also put forward specific requirements according to the characteristics of textbooks in various types and fields."Management Methods for Teaching Materials in Primary and Middle Schools"emphasizes fine management.Based on the original teaching materials management methods,the relevant requirements are refined and specified.For example,the audit requirements are refined into political audits,professional audits,comprehensive audits,special audits,and comparative audits.“The Measures for the Management of Teaching Materials in Vocational Colleges”focuses on strengthening planning and guidance,encouraging industries,schools,and enterprises to participate in the process,strengthening the integration of production and education in the whole process,and cooperation between school and enterprise."The Administrative Measures for Teaching Materials in Ordinary Colleges and Universities"focuses on handling the relationship between standardized management and academic innovation,clarifying the main responsibilities of colleges and universities,establishing a review and selection review system,focusing on creating quality textbooks,and encouraging high-level schools and experts to write textbooks.The"Management Measures for Schools Choosing Overseas Textbooks"emphasizes that both reform and opening up should be actively used to learn from the outstanding achievements of human civilization,and management must be strengthened.Adhere and strictly control on"select on demand,for own use".