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Twelve departments jointly issued a document proposing that all schools should develop student mental health services by the end of 2022

    National Health Commission,Central Propaganda Department,Central Civilization Office,Central Network Information Office,Ministry of Education,Ministry of Civil Affairs,Ministry of Finance,State Administration of Radio,Film and Television,Office of the Women and Children’s Work Committee of the State Council,the Communist Youth League Central Committee,the National Women’s Federation,the China Customs Work Committee,etc.Departments have recently issued the"Healthy China Action-Action Plan for Mental Health of Children and Adolescents(2019-2022)"(hereinafter referred to as the"Plan"),which proposed that by the end of 2022,schools at all levels should provide mental health services by establishing psychological service platforms or school doctors,and pre-school education and special education institutions shall be equipped with full-time and/or part-time mental health teachers.

    The mental health work of children and adolescents is an important part of building a healthy China.With the rapid development of our country's economy and society,the incidence of children and adolescents'psychological behavior problems and the prevalence of mental disorders have gradually increased,and it has become an important public health issue affecting the future of the country and the nation.The"Plan"proposes that by the end of 2022,the stage targets of the mental health related indicators for children and adolescents proposed in the"Healthy China Action(2019-2030)"will be achieved,and a social environment conducive to the mental health of children and adolescents will be basically established to form schools,communities,Family,media,medical and health institutions and other linked mental health service models,implement preventive intervention measures for children and adolescents'psychological behavior problems and mental disorders,strengthen psychological counseling for key populations,and lay an important foundation for improving the health and well-being of children and adolescents and building a shared and healthy China.

    In addition,the"Plan"clarifies the strengthening of mental health knowledge training for teachers of school at all levels;by the end of 2022,50%of parent schools or family education guidance service stations should carry out mental health education;60%of psychiatric hospitals above the second level set up mental outpatient clinics for children and adolescents;set up mental(psychological)clinics in 30%of children's specialized hospitals,maternal and child health centers,and second-level general hospitals;set up or connect to psychological assistance hot-lines in various cities;the core knowledge of mental health of children and adolescents must reach 80%.It is necessary to promote the mental health and overall quality development of children and adolescents through six specific actions including mental health missionary action,mental health environment creation action,and mental health promotion action,etc.

    Source:"China Education News"