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Four departments: Canteens of qualified elementary and middle schools and kindergartens adopt self-catering

    Recently,the"Guiding Opinions on Implementing Main Responsibilities and Strengthening the Management of Food Safety on Campus"jointly issued by four departments of the General Administration of Market Supervision,the Ministry of Education,the National Health and Health Commission,and the Ministry of Public Security(hereinafter referred to as the"Guiding Opinions")proposed:Elementary schools and kindergartens canteens are in principle self-serving and no longer sign new contract or entrusted management contracts;in principle,non-boarding schools and kindergartens are not allowed to set up food kiosks and supermarkets in schools.Those already set up must be withdrawn gradually.It is reported that due to the one-sided pursuit of economic benefits,some off-campus catering units,contracted or commissioned canteens are easy to be relax on food safety management.In the supervision and law enforcement,it was also found that the problem of food-borne diseases was caused by the failure to implement the main responsibility and negligence of food safety management.In order to effectively prevent such safety risks,the"Guiding Opinions"require qualified primary and secondary schools,kindergartens canteens to adopt self-service meals in principle.In addition,in order to promote the development of healthy eating habits for primary and secondary school students and young children,and ingest nutrients through meals,to prevent one-sided dependence on snacks,the"Guiding Opinions"requires that non-boarding schools,kindergartens,and schools should not set up food kiosks and supermarkets on campus in principle.

    At present,the coverage rate of"Clear Kitchen Bright Stove"in the school canteen has exceeded 90%.The"Guiding Opinions"suggest that we must focus on the use of scientific and technological means to achieve smart supervision and improve the effectiveness of campus food safety supervision.Market supervision and education administrative departments are required to actively use the"Clear Kitchen Bright Stove Plus+Internet"to randomly check the food safety status of the catering units and school canteens,and proactively search for and discover food safety problems and hidden risks.

    The"Guiding Opinion"also promotes the implementation of the principal's meal system in schools and kindergartens from two aspects.The first is to clarify the specific contents of the meal service,and ask the meal personnel to objectively evaluate the meals,supervise the environmental hygiene of the cafeteria,the working conditions of the employees,etc.,and make good records.The second is to focus on solving problems and hidden risks in a timely manner,and requires immediate rectification of food safety issues and hidden risks discovered during meals and reflected by students,and reviewing the rectification results.In addition,regarding the food dealers that parents worry about without licenses around the campus,the"Guiding Opinion"stipulates that schools with management authority over the housing around the school shall not lease the surrounding housing to those who are engaged in food production and business activities without a license.At the same time,the connection between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice was strengthened.The administrative supervision department timely transferred suspected food safety cases to public security organs.The public security organs severely cracked down on school and surrounding food safety crimes.

    Source:"China News"