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The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued notices to deploy the relevant work of “Suspended Schools and Non-Stopped learning” during the extension of the semester

    On February 12,2020,the General Office of the Ministry of Education and the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the“Notice on Work Arrangements for“Suspended and Non-Stopped Schools”during the extended start of primary and secondary schools”(hereinafter referred to as the“Notice”).The notice provided clear instructions for“Suspended Schools and Non-Stopped learning”.

    The"Notice"proposes that“Suspended Schools and Non-Stopped learning”should insist on putting epidemic prevention and control in the first place,maintaining the health and safety of teachers and students;insisting on the combination of provincial unified deployment and the implementation of local schools in accordance with local conditions to avoid"one size fits all";The combination of national curriculum learning and epidemic prevention and control knowledge learning,focusing on strengthening patriotism education,life education and mental health education,encouraging students to exercise and carry out extracurricular reading;adhere to the online guidance of school teachers to help students integrate with home-based autonomous learning,reasonable arrangements for learning in limited time.

    "Notice"calls for strengthening organizational coordination.The two departments established an inter-ministerial coordination mechanism to ensure smooth operation of the network.The education department should attach great importance to carefully formulate implementation plans,pay attention to implementation effects,and prevent formalism.It is necessary to strengthen home study guidance,help students scientifically formulate home study plans,choose resources reasonably,focus on cultivating students'independent learning ability,and in particular,strengthen study guidance and care for children of front-line personnel and rural left-behind children in epidemic prevention and combat.We must pay attention to the popularization of epidemic prevention knowledge,and earnestly study the advanced deeds that emerged in the epidemic prevention battle.For the requirements of online learning,we can learn from some local good practices.There is no uniform hard requirement for online learning in the lower grades of primary schools.Parents and students choose voluntarily and make specific regulations for students in other grades for a limited time to avoid overtime learning.Resolutely prevent premature learning,protect students'eyesight,and prevent unnecessary burdens on students.

    "Notice"emphasizes that we must do a good job on the connection of teaching and home learning after school.It is required to prevent homeschooling from completely replacing school classroom teaching.After the formal start of school,we must accurately analyze the academic situation,earnestly investigate the students'homeschooling situation,diagnose and evaluate the quality of learning,and formulate teaching plans in a targeted manner.For the courses that have been studied online at home,focus on explaining and reviewing the learned content,increase the support for students with learning difficulties,and ensure that each student has a good grasp of the learned content before proceeding to the new teaching;for those who do not participate in online courses in the lower grades of elementary school,we must start teaching from the beginning.

    It is reported that the Ministry of Education integrates high-quality teaching resources of the whole country to support local governments to do a good job on“Suspended Schools and Non-Stopped learning”,and to open the national elementary and middle school network cloud platform and China Education TV Air Class during the extension period.Free for all localities to choose and use.Platform resources include epidemic prevention knowledge,patriotism education resources,special education resources,and curriculum resources of primary subjects from elementary school to ordinary high school.The course time is generally around 20 minutes.The national elementary and middle school network cloud platform( been launched since February 17.At the same time,Channel 4 of China Education Television transmits relevant courses to users across the country through a live satellite TV platform,covering areas in remote rural areas where the network signal is weak or cable TV is not available.In order to enrich learning resources,some provincial education departments and primary and secondary schools have also been organized to open online learning platforms or schools to the country for free.

    Source:Ministry of Education website