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The Ministry of Education opens the national network cloud platform for elementary and middle schools

    In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia,the Ministry of Education launched the National Primary and Secondary School Network Cloud Platform on February 17,2020 to provide support and services for students'home study.Since the platform was launched,the system has been running smoothly and is easy to use,welcomed by students,teachers and parents.

    To further enrich the platform resources and promote the comprehensive development of students,the Ministry of Education upgraded the platform.The upgraded platform resources include anti-epidemic education,moral education,curriculum learning,life and safety education,mental health education,family education,classic reading,research education,film and television education,and electronic textbooks.The platform resources newly added life and safety education,mental health education,family education,classic reading,research education,and updated some content for independent choice.At the same time,at the request of students and parents,the platform has added elementary,junior high school,and ordinary high school courses broadcast by the Chinese Educational Television station CETV4"Attend the same class.You can watch live TV on the platform,or you can watch it back on the course learning section.

    The upgraded platform went live on February 24.

    Source:Ministry of Education website