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The Ministry of Education issued guidelines for strengthening the application of

In order to implement the strategic deployment of"China Education Modernization 2035"and develop a fairer and more quality education,the Ministry of Education has recently issued"Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Application of"Three classes"(hereinafter referred to as"Opinions"),which is clear to 2022.We will fully realize the normalized and on-demand application of"Delivery Classroom","Famous Teacher Classroom"and"Prestigious School Online Classroom"in the majority of primary and secondary schools.Establish and improve the effective mechanism of using digital technology to expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources.The problem of bad classes has been fundamentally changed,the quality of classroom teaching has been significantly improved,the teaching ability and information literacy of teachers have been continuously optimized,the school running level has generally improved,the gap between regions,urban and rural areas,as well as the inter-school has been effectively bridged to promote the high-quality and balanced development of education.

 "Opinions"pointed out that"three classes"have their own application modes.Among them,"Delivery Classes"emphasizes specificity,mainly aimed at the problem of the lack of teachers in the weak rural schools and teaching points,and the inadequate opening of the nationally prescribed courses.The use of online special courses and the use of the internet to promote high-quality educational resources and other forms to promote education is fair and balanced;"Famous Teacher Classroom"emphasizes sharing,focusing on the problem of weak teaching ability and low professional development level of teachers.Through the establishment of a network training community and other methods,the resources of famous teachers are shared more widely to promote teacher professionalism;"Prestigious School Online Classroom"emphasizes openness,mainly aimed at the urgent need to effectively reduce the quality gap between regional,urban and rural,and inter-school education.Through online schools and online courses,we systematically and comprehensively promote high-quality educational resources in regional or nationwide to meet students'needs for personalized development and high-quality education.

    "Opinions"clarify five main tasks:First,education departments at all levels should strengthen overall planning and implementation.Encourage local conditions,innovative paths,and classification advancement to form a new form of"three classes"in and between regions.Second,improve the operation mechanism and assessment incentives.Incorporate the"three classes"into the daily teaching management system;incorporate the teaching and teaching tasks undertaken by teachers in the"three classes"into the workload calculation,and give appropriate tilts in performance evaluation,evaluation of first appraisal and promotion of professional titles.Third,strengthen teacher research and teaching and research support.Combined with the National Primary and Secondary School Teachers'Information Technology Application Ability Enhancement Project 2.0,strengthen the effective connection of national training,provincial training,city and county training projects,and focus on solving problems encountered in online teaching,online teaching and research,and operational practice.Fourth,coordinate multiple resources and make every effort to fill the weaknesses of the rural schools and teaching points in terms of hardware facilities and software resources in the"three classes".Fifth,promote the normalization,real-time,and Datafication of quality monitoring and effect evaluation,and improve the efficiency,effectiveness,and efficiency of the"three classes"application.

In terms of safeguard measures,"Opinions"require education departments at all levels to clarify their job responsibilities and provide organizational guarantees;on the basis of the central government’s increased support for local education information,coordinate the construction of"three classes",operation and maintenance.Reasonable proportion of application and training funds,give full play to the role of the government and the market,and do a good job of funding;implement and explore the establishment of application software security assessment mechanism,data classification guarantee mechanism,security incident emergency response mechanism,and implement the"three classes"network safety gradually,safeguard the vital interests of teachers and students.

    Source:"China Education News"