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“Research on the History of China’s Educational Equipment

Recently, "Research on the History of China’s Educational Equipment" was officially published by Higher Education Press. This book is compiled by China Educational Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA), edited by Li Xingzhi, Vice President of the Institute of Educational Equipment of CEEIA, and titled by Liu Bin, former Deputy Director of the State Education Commission.

This book is a compilation of the important achievements of MOE’s Key Project "Research on the Development History of China's Educational Technology Equipment" (Project Approval No. : DCA110188)  in the “12th Five-Year Plan” of National Education Science of 2011.

This book is an exploratory research result in the field of educational equipment and the construction of educational equipment disciplines. The research and account of the development of educational equipment in China analyze the inner law of educational equipment development and reveal the theoretical logic, historical logic, and practical logic embedded in the development of educational equipment. 

This book can provide reference and support for the relevant departments to make scientific decisions, provide a basis and guidance for the industry to understand the laws of education and grasp the development initiative, and lay a solid scientific foundation for a more comprehensive and profound understanding of educational equipment in the new period.