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WeiChengYa has focused and actively promoted the developing of the education industry in last 20 years,Its marketing network has covered 25 countries and regions.
By setting up branches and offices all over the country it can quickly provides users with professional and thoughtful services.
Focusing on offering full service for K12 education, empowering various disciplines and laboratories such as physics, chemistry and biology, through personalized solutions and diversified product systems, it has served more than 6,000 schools and more than 10 million teachers and students.
WeiChengYa pays attention to the construction of R&D team, adheres to the craftsman spirit of excellence, and continues to provide users with educational products that meet the needs of the times.
With open and inclusive cooperation, WeiChengYa creates value for users, jointly builds a new ecology of the education industry, and actively promotes the coordinated development of the education industry.

Main Product
Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratory Equipment, The examination experiment operates the evaluation laboratory, Science Classroom

  Tel: 400-688-0115 / 0086-10-52499088
  Address: Building 19, yard 2, Beixing Road East section, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing