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Minister of Education delivers video message to 23rd CACIE session

The 23rd session of the China Annual Conference and Expo for International Education (CACIE) was held in Beijing on Feb. 17. Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng delivered a video message.
In his remarks, Huai highlighted the enormous progress made by China’s education system over the past decade. It has involved increasing educational accessibility, encouraging more equity, raising the quality of educational services in support of economic and social development, and boosting internationalization initiatives. The minister emphasized China’s commitment to prioritizing educational reforms as part of efforts to achieve holistic human development and construct a robust educational system.
Huai hailed the value of cooperation and mutual benefit as the dominant theme of our era. He provided three recommendations for future cooperation and progress in education. First, he suggested strengthening engagement in global frameworks for educational collaboration by utilizing existing platforms and processes. Second, he proposed pursuing broad and in-depth cooperation in digital education. He said he believed that in order to provide higher quality, more equitable and inclusive education, it is necessary to make effective use of information technology, distribute high-quality educational resources, and improve educators’ digital competence. Lastly, he advised expanding exchange and mutual learning to strengthen current educational collaborations. This requires the creation of creative exchange programs to promote cross-cultural contact and develop a more open and inclusive global community.

Over thirty parallel discussions, ten side meetings, and five theme exhibitions were held in conjunction with the theme “Adaptation and Change: Reshaping Our Education.” Several international dignitaries, such as Patricia Flor, Germany’s Ambassador to China, and Santiago Irazabal Mouro, President of the 41st session of the UNESCO General Conference, attended the opening ceremony. The conference also featured keynote addresses by domestic and international specialists in the field of education.