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82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition Is Hosted Successfully in Tianjin

October 20-22, 2023, the 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition hosted by China Educational Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) was successfully held at Tianjin. 

The exhibition area of this year's show is nearly 200,000 square meters, with more than 1,100 enterprises from all over the world presenting more than 12,000 exhibits. As the most representative exhibition of China's educational equipment, this exhibition presents five highlights: 

Highlight 1: Famous Enterprises Lead the Way in Showcasing Industry Trends
In this exhibition, China Mobile, Huawei, Sony and other world's top 500 and China's top 500 companies bring the cutting-edge products and solutions.

Highlight 2: Equipment products cover all kinds of educational scenarios
More than 1100 exhibitors bring a rich variety of educational equipment products and solutions, displaying 12,422 exhibits, covering various application scenarios in the field of education. Schools and government representatives and ministers made valuable connections and find the solutions needed to better the learning experience. 

Highlight 3: A booming trend and growing market of inspiring digital educational equipment
This year's showcase is an in-depth exploration and foresight of the future of education, with many companies bringing innovative products and solutions for educational digital equipment and digital technology applied to educational scenarios, such as digital educational resources; precise teaching systems and programs; teacher training platforms; intelligent education management platforms, and intelligent campus solutions.

Highlight 4: Combination of real and virtual exhibition 
This year's exhibition divided into early childhood education, vocational education, high education, special education and other special areas, according to the product categories are divided into musician education, physical, fine arts, labor education, health and hygiene education, books and other special areas. In addition, the exhibition will also start the "China Education Equipment Metaverse platform", for the first time the use of advanced mobile WebAR large space display technology to create a sense of technology full of special effects display, the participants through WeChat scanning the two-dimensional code will be able to experience, improve interactivity.

Highlight 5: Various thematic events 
More than 30 key events with different themes were held concurrently with this year's exhibition. Attendees learned from education leaders who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the events.