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Overseas visit

The establishment of the theoretical base of China's educational equipment industry relies mainly on the Department of Theoretical Research of the Secretariat and the Educational Equipment Research Institute of China of the China Educational Equipment Industry Association (China Educational Equipment Research Institute). 

The Theoretical Research Unit is responsible for the composing, editing, and publishing of the annual Blue Book of China’s Educational Equipment Industry, and the internal publication China Educational Industry Newsletter; Organizing related activities and research specifically targeting experimental education within elementary and middle schools; Editing and publishing National Elementary and Middle School Experimental Education Class Activity Outstanding Work Collection; undertaking projects in the authentication and evaluation of new products and technology.

The China Educational Equipment Research Institute was founded on April 26, 2015. Its purpose was to engaged in the field of non-profit scientific research and social education activities of non-governmental academic institutions under the guidance and management of the China Educational Equipment Industry Association. The office of China Educational Equipment Research Institute is located within the Theoretical Research Unit, with the staff of the Theoretical Research Unit managing and carrying out the duties of the research project. 

China Educational Equipment Research Institute is committed to become the most reliable and influential think tank of China's educational equipment industry and create a first-class research platform for the educational equipment industry. The core objective is to provide consulting services for the government, professional services for the industry and corporations, as well as educational resources for schools and teachers. With research as the main task, the institute, relying on relevant institutions, scientific research units, associations, member enterprises and the top-tier teachers, will strive to expand the research capacity in the field of educational equipment, actively organize academia exchanges, implement product application, and share resources and other related activities; thereby contributing to the healthy development of the educational equipment cause.